Dr. Luke and Geneva Baxley are both from Hartsville, SC.  Luke is a Citadel alumnus, is an Emergency Room doctor and enjoys fishing, hunting, and travel.    Geneva is a Duke graduate and nurse who enjoys photography, travel, and music.  Luke and Geneva have a 2 year son Davis and are expecting their second child.


Bob and Betty Holt relocated from Greensboro, NC 4 years ago.  They have 2 sons in Charleston and 2 grandchildren.  Bob is retired and a former Navy Corpsman.  Betty enjoys reading and Bob enjoys yard work and golf.


Catherine Bakkum-Lyons moved to Beaufort from Atlanta 5-1/2 years ago.  Catherine is married with 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren.  She is a freelance graphic artist and enjoys arts, entertaining, and has a therapy dog.

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